In a nutshell: OUTREACH

The application of magnetic resonance experiments on functioning batteries is an outstanding approach to research new energy storage materials and optimise existing technologies. The experiments, however, do come with challenges that one can tackle with ePROBE hardware and consultancy. Here, we share some insights to the field.

Webinar: Advancements in Operando NMR Analysis of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Webinar: Advancements in Operando NMR Analysis of Lithium-Ion Batteries on Wednesday, 21 February 2024, 5 PM CET. Electrochemical processes in a Li|LiPF6|LFP cell have been explored applying novel solid-state NMR technologies. Industry, Academia, and Technology partners are joining efforts to demonstrate the high potential of this approach for use in the energy storage industry. Join Dragonfly Energy, Darmstadt Technical University, ePROBE and BRUKER BioSpin as they discuss about an experimental procedure for routine application of in-situ Solid-State NMR for battery research.

Specialty Solids Probes for Battery Research and Manufacturing

Video Interview with Oliver Pecher (ePROBE) on hardware solutions and approaches in magnetic resonance to research energy storage materials, © 12/2023 Bruker BioSpin. Further information to be found on Bruker's speciality probes and battery landing webpage.

Battery research probes for Li-ion technologies (and beyond)

Bruker Application Note 2023, Order No. T194448 © 09/2023 Bruker BioSpin

by Oliver Pecher (ePROBE) and Sebastian Wegner (Bruker)

Bruker's specialized solid-state NMR probes and in situ NMR accessories provide a powerful tool for optimizing battery performance. By operating in situ, analytical solutions for the characterization of batteries can accurately detect critical quality attributes and measure processes occurring during charge and discharge cycles. With Bruker's cutting-edge RF generation console AVANCE NEO and ePROBE's technologies, researchers can gather meaningful insights and benefit from optimized R&D as well as rapid and accurate quality inspection activities.

NMR offers gateway to better lithium battery understanding

Batteries International Article, Autumn 2023

by Jörg Köhler (Bruker), Alain Belguise (Bruker), and Oliver Pecher (ePROBE)

We explain how defining and understanding the electrochemistry of future batteries is enables by NMR and how it will improve production efficiency and lithium battery manufacture.

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